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Busted with Natives at O2 Academy

British band, Busted embarked on their Night Driver tour earlier this year across the UK, stopping in Birmingham on February 18th

In October 2014, Busted announced they were going on an arena tour and had been recording an album in the States after a 15-year hiatus.  The Pigs Can Fly Tour found them playing sold out dates across the UK and was followed by the release of their first album since 2003.

Busted released their album Night Drive last November that consisted of a whole new sound that surprised both fans and critics.  The album is made up of synths with a 80s feel, which transferred live very well. 

Opening up the night was the band Natives, who describe themselves as “tribal pop” on their Facebook page. 

They seemed to rush through their set as they did their best to bring the room together while engaging with the crowd.  It had been made clear early on that the sold out crowd was there for Busted, but Natives warmed up them as best as they could.

Just pass nine o’clock, Matt, James and Charlie took the stage with a full back up band with a stage set that was made mostly from lights shining white, blue and pink. 

It took a few songs for them to get comfortable with the crowd, taking breaks to talk to the room about how excited they were to be back and playing new material.  As they switched between their older songs from the early 2000s to the Night Driver album, it was as if watching two different bands. This seems to be a time that Busted are transforming into the band that fans had been waiting for all these years. 

A highlight of the night came from when they had the whole room sing their 2002 single “Sleeping With The Lights On”.  James told Birmingham that they sounded good and it was the first show to sell out on tour. 

Busted will wrap up the Night Driver Tour after dates in Japan and Europe, unfortunately there has been no word on any North American dates.  You can follow all Busted’s updates on Twitter here.

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