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Pierce The Veil with Falling In Reverse and Crown The Empire at The Danforth Music Hall

As someone who has been listening to Pierce The Veil since around 2009, it felt good to finally see them headline another show in Toronto. The last time they did a proper show here was back in 2012 at the Kool Haus – and ever since then, it has just been festival slots between Riot Fest TO and Warped Tour. The evidence was clear that I wasn’t the only one who had been missing the band as the date sold out fairly quick, prompting them to add a second show the night after.

Fans of all ages crammed into the Danforth Music Hall as the Rest In Space Tour crashed into Toronto – literally. As the lights dimmed, a video began to play of a cartoon rocket ship crashing from outer space directly into Toronto, which then revealed a broken rocket ship on stage as the curtains fell. The ship flashed with green lights as the band climbed out of it in their space suits, and the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Seeing Pierce The Veil live is a really special experience. The band emits this positive energy through their stage presence that can be felt through the whole venue as they perform, jump, and dance across the stage. I honestly cannot think of another band in which guitarist, bassist, and lead singer can jump so high while performing, and not miss a single beat. It’s pretty impressive. Their interactions with their fans is also something to take note of, as the band is constantly engaging with them through out their set. One lucky fan was even invited on stage to get serenaded by front man, Vic Fuentes, as the band played Bulletproof Love. As the night progressed, songs like Floral & Fading, Stay Away From My Friends, and Hold On Till May made an appearance in the set list.

Pierce The Veil left fans itching for more as they closed out the night with two highly energetic songs as their encore, Circles and King For A Day, which had everyone dancing around the Danforth up to the very end of their set. With that said, I really hope it doesn’t take them another 5 years to come back and do a headlining tour in Toronto, because clearly we can’t get enough of them.

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