Method Sound

Method Sound 5

I’m so happy to be back guys! We have so much coming up for the show so stay tuned! – Jeff


Method Tricky

1. LDRU – Next to you feat Savoi (Barely Alive & Virtual Riot Remix)

2. Lookas – Can’t Get Enough

3. All is fair in love and brostep- Skrillex

4. Virtual Riot & Shockone – Showdown

5. AFK – Gleam Eyes

6. Benny Bennassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

7. graves & Coolights – Say things (Crandat Remix)

8. DJ Snake & Yellow Claw – Ocho Cinco(Busted by HeroBust)

9. Flosstradamus & GTA feat Lil Jon – Prison Riot

10. The Frim -Swipe my Swords

11. Zomboy – Like A Bitch (extended mix)

12. Kill the Noise – FUK UR MGMT (Snails Remix)

13. Virtual Riot & Dubloadz – Juices

14. Getter – Rip n Dip

15. GTA – Red Lips (Skrillex Remix)

16. Bear Grillz & Getter – EDM (VIP)

17. Tha Trickaz & Creaky Jackals – OG Purp

18. Dirty Work – HeroBust

19. Zomboy – Invaders

20. Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up (not sorry & Wild Boyz! remix)

21. Callie Reiff & Dapp – Wobble

22. Deltabot – KNAI


1. Where it hurts (Joikill’s Sucker for pain remix) – Bonnie X Clyde

2. Dead! – Joikill

3. Headbang & Fuck (Joikill’s Just abit harder mash-up) – Yultron

4. In for the Gold (Eklps Bootlegged Flip) – Apashe X Skrillex

5. Savages – Joikill

6. Kickin In – Barely Alive feat. Chloe Stamp

7. Confide – Joikill

8. Reality – Bro Safari

9. Alone Again (Joikill’s 2 AM Marshmello resurrection) – Marshmello

10. Bleu Water – Joikill

11. Signals (Joikill’s Trapdoor remix – Cymatics

12. Midnight makes me feel Exposed (Joikill’s Trap Remix) – Joikill


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About Method Tricky:

Live in Limbo’s resident DJ and EDM expert, Jeff Arsenault started DJing 3 years ago with basic equipment that he still enjoys using today. Hisstyle is inspired by the many festivals and shows he reviewed as a journalist for LIL, and tries to maintain a knowledge of mixing several different genres.

About Joikill:

Dabbling in music production since high school, Adison Anderson has gone on to be one of Edmonton’s biggest local names in dubstep. Having opened for such names as Bro Safari, Hydraulix and Subceptron, Joikills style is dark, heavy and relentless. If you’re in Edmonton April 8th, you can see him opening for PhaseOne and Subject 31 at Envy Nightclub.

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EDM Writer at Live in Limbo and resident DJ of Method Sound.