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“She’s Your Queen” by Kyle Duke and The Brown Bag Boys

New York based Psych-Rock artist Kyle Duke and The Brown Bag Boys has just released a new single, “She’s Your Queen.” Duke is not only a singer, but a songwriter and producer as well making his music that much more impressive. He has previously been mentioned on Below The Ground for his song “Pipe Dreams”.

“She’s Your Queen” is the first single off of his album coming out this May titled, “Aquatic Pop”. The song has a Indie-Dream vibe to it- perfect for this beautiful weather! It has catchy riffs, relaxed vocals, and some 60’s-70’s vibes. The song was produced entirely by Kyle Duke in his East Village bedroom. Give this track a listen on Spotify, you’re missing out if you don’t.

Stay tuned for his next single “Pond”, coming out later this month.

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