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Mac DeMarco at the Danforth Music Hall: Night 2

Photos by Joshua Chia.

Releasing his newest album just last week, Mac DeMarco had set out to play back-to-back nights in both Montreal and Toronto. Catching him on his second night in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall, Mac put on quite the show. 

Known for his raunchy stage presence, he kept it tamed and hysterically funny throughout the night. 

Appearing out of an illuminating hazy red stage, DeMarco straps on his acoustic guitar and begins playing “ A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes” a song off his latest record, This Old Dog (2017) as the audience roared in cheers. The cheers continued as he played “Salad Days” the opening track off his 2015 album with the same name. The night started off on a good note as the young 27 year old introduced his band members. One member in particular whom Mac had shared his childhood with was given a standing ovation during a piano solo he conducted towards the ending of “Another One.” 

There was no way you couldn’t pay attention— standing on the edge of the stage and a lighter in his hand, DeMarco encouraged audience members to take out their lighters and light them for a slower tune “For the First Time” which he noted before playing, a song he’d written for his girlfriend. During relief moments, he wished multiple fans “Happy Birthday” as well as thanking the audience for attending the show. Although his latest album touches on more of a darker theme compared to his previous albums, the Edmonton native did not stray from his sense of humor— making the night both a comedy act and musical act. During one point of the show Mac covered a snippet of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” as the crowd helped him out with the lyrics.  It’s not a Mac DeMarco show without weird stuff happening like him frantically laughing about the day of the week—screaming into the mic “It’s Saturday!” 

Closing his set with “Watching Him Fade” which also happens to be the closing track off his current album, This Old Dog (2017), A drenched Mac exited the stage as he was due to play a DJ set that night at Toronto venue, The Velvet Underground. 

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