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Bush at Rebel

The downpour that soaked the GTA on Thursday certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the Bush crowd in attendance at the Rebel Night Club, hens the packed venue.

Singer Gavin Rossdale, with his easily recognizable vocals, spoke about the recent tragic passing of Chris Cornell. He dedicated that show to the memory of Chris. Gavin made a point between songs to talk about how everyone is facing a challenge that no one knows about, that we have to be there for each other. He also spoke about being good to yourself and to each other. It felt like between most songs he had a message related to mental health issues.

The set list comprised of music from their newer material backed to their old school hits like Machinehead. It was pretty evident that the crowd was more familiar with their older material, as when they performed these songs the crowd would sing along.

The stage back drop was a huge floor to ceiling video screen that would display things from city scenes to abstract images. During the song Greedy Fly a huge red backed fly would make it’s way around the screen.

Gavin shed his guitar for the song “Reasons”. He made his way back and forth on the stage, jumping about and looking like he was having a great time.

During the encore Bush performed a cover of the REM song “this one goes out to the one I love”, it morphed into the Soundgarden song “Black Hole Son.” It was kind of expected that at some point during the show they would play something from Soundgarden, and they did.

It was a great show and the crowd certainly loved it. A show well worth seeing.


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