World Premiere

Song Premiere: “Sleepless Sheep” by Bonnie Trash

Bonnie Trash are twin sisters from Guelph, Ontario whose new EP “Ezzelini’s Dead” sounds like dark pop/ grunge in the vain of PJ Harvey meets Smashing Pumpkins. This album was recorded by both the sisters, while the vocals and mixing were done by Pat Gregoire (Pat Jordache) in Montreal at Hotel 2 Tango.

From the artist:

“We, humans, are obsessed with having to know everything about everyone and anything that has to do with everything. We can choose: We can be leaders or we can be sheep. Sheep follow. Humans are sheep. We follow the media, news, faith, power, people, powerful people… We are constantly and consistently engrossed – suffocating in mass news as a direct result of the overwhelming accessibility to technology. Eating every piece thrown at us. Rapid consumption has made us tired. So tired that it’s just easier to follow than to lead. We are in fact becoming cannibals by consuming each other’s thoughts and words – real or fake. “

Ezzelini’s Dead drops on June 9.

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