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Nickelback at Budweiser Stage

You either love them or hate them, but there is no denying that the crowd at the Nickelbacks feed the machine tour at the Budweiser stage in Toronto absolutely loved them. Yes me included.

It has always eluded me as to why there is such hatred for this band. Having sold over 50 million albums, they are certainly doing something right. I had never seen them perform live and wondered if it was part in partial to perhaps a poor live performance. NOPE! They performed album quality. The songs where bang on tight, the production was spectacular.

Ok, so perhaps it’s all related to frontman Chad Kroeger attitude. NOPE! He was extremely personable and quite witty! You could easily imagine yourself having a beer with him in the backyard, chatting about funny stories.

The show proved to be my personal favorite show of 2017. I was kind of expecting the show to contain a lot of material from their last album, but it was mostly their hits. Ironically Chad made a coment that was hillarious. 3/4 of the way through their set, he asked the crowd if it would be ok to play a song off their newest album, he then went on to say that he was hoping he wouldn’t see the crowd get up for a piss and to get a drink, admittingly being guilty of such at shows during the new material. The crowd laughed and cheered. He responded by saying he was surprised by their reaction to wanting to hear the tune.

A lucky fan was brought up on stage to sing “Rockstar”. Chad asked the firefighter if he was nervous and he said a bit. To add to the pressure, Kroeger joked about Youtube being forever. There was a teleprompter with all the words but he certainly didn’t need it. The crowd gave him huge props for his performance.

A bit of a technical issue arose with the song revolution, all the video feeds had interference emitting through most of the song, but got rectified by the end of the song.

A little known fact was revealed, in 2012 Chad Kroeger resided in Toronto for 3 years. He joked about how no one was the wiser.

The neigh sayers will always have something to gripe about when it comes to Nickelback. That just tells me they are doing something right! Based on the incredible crowd participation that night, they will keep thriving for a quite a while. My name is Sue and YES I am a Nickelback fan! Deal with it!

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