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LCD Soundsystem, The Shins, Phantogram at Ottawa Bluesfest

It’s midweek during RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest 2017 but Wednesday night played to a decent lineup with main openers Phantogram and The Shins supporting LCD Soundsystem.   After avoiding most of the rain earlier on during the evening, it started raining just when LCD hit the stage. Most of their sound equipment was draped over with towels and sheets. LCD experienced some setbacks earlier on in their set, being mildly electrocuted by their synthesizer and later on when Gavin Russom had issues with the modulator.

LCD opened with Yr. City’s a Sucker followed by a crowd pleasing, dance anthem Daft Punk is Playing at My House.

However much the weather hampered LCD’s performance at the start of the show, it didn’t affect the crowd’s enthusiasm for the band. Rowdy kids moshed, people danced and sang along regardless of the downpour. James even mentioned that every time the rain wants to get beaten back, it doesn’t give up, but there’s always more.

The show moved along splendidly despite it all. James mentioned in the press recently that David Bowie was very influential in getting the band back together and recording again. They have recently released two new tracks, Call the Police and American Dream, from the forthcoming new album which they recently included in their setlist. I was surprised fans knew the words already to Call the Police, and rightfully so, cause it is a stark and bold anthem for this generation. I was hoping for more new material but it looks like they are still testing the waters for them during their Brooklyn Steel residency in NYC just recently.

American Dream, their 4th album, will be release in Sept. 2017, and followed by a world tour.

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