From The Artist : The song ‘Archipelago’ started with a cruisy banjo riff that is prevalent throughout the song. The lyrics came about a bit later and they tell the story of a night spent in the archipelago near Stockholm, Sweden where we had recently visited on our last European tour. We spent a night in a cabin by the sea on the coast of a European country but we couldn’t believe how similar it was to Canada drawing similarities to Northern Ontario. By the time we had left, we had seen a moose, the northern lights, and had been struck with the realization that “it was not all that different in the archipelago”.

About The Video : ‘Archipelago’ was shot in Calgary and directed and produced by Brett Connors and Brett Ferster from The Light Factory. The concept follows people as they experience a song and shows how we can all share in an experience of listening to a song, but the individual experiences we have, and what it means to each of us can be so different.