World Premiere

Video Premiere: “Simple Lies” by Beautiful Nothing

Beautiful Nothing musically, is an eighties ignited sphere of driving electronics, thick, grimace-inducing bass lines and soaring, dissonant guitar lines that would speak to the Pixies in their Bossanova years. Lyrically, the songs are an ode to youthful exuberance, sex, burning cities, ghosts and relationships past. Vocal leads casually pushing through like Edwynn Collins when he found his crooner meets punk rocker footing in Orange Juice. When all these sonic aspects combine in the melting pot we get Beautiful Nothing.

The video for “Simple Lies” is a poignant juxtaposition between time standing still and how quickly it can pass us by, making the connections that we form with others while maintaining a strong one with ourselves during the time we have all the more important.

“She says it’s all worth being torn apart for

To taste a life not just get on by

Give me something more than this nothing

Nothing but your simple lies”

“The idea of the song came from a common theme amongst us for the need to connect with someone on an emotional level, all the sensations that come with that and all the things about ourselves that we’re willing to give up for that connection.” – Anthony Ludgate (vocalist)

“The video transforms from the perspective of one character to another and parallels the real world scenario on how fast everything in life can seem and how time can be perceived in so many different ways depending on which direction you are looking. This in itself is the simple lie.” – Michael Greggain (video director)

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