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Album Premiere : “Muscle Memory” By Seasonal Beast

From The Artist : “The album is a collection of songs that were written over a span of about 8 years. Most of them were conceived before the band Seasonal Beast existed and without any specific plans to perform or release them on an album.

It was recorded in so many different bedrooms, hotel rooms, and the occasional fancy studio. So many different musicians played on different songs, and yet only when I started to think of this group of songs as an LP, I realized that even though the songs were written in different eras of my life, there are many esthetic consistencies and reoccurring themes lyrically.

I’m not trying to analyze my own songs, but to me, a lot of it deals with creativity and inspiration, the constant search for it, the fear of never finding it again…the need to create a narrative that helps shed light on certain things in life and at the same time casts a shadow on others.” – Yuval Semo

Seasonal Beast is releasing their album ‘Muscle Memory’ on 10/13/17 and is performing at Rockwood in celebration of its release!! The band consists of Yuli Beeri on Vocals, Yuval Semo on Keys, Johnathan Levi on Bass, Stefano B. on Drums, Dan Brantigan on trumpet/ EVI and Alon Albagli on Guitars.

After graduating Berklee College of music as a Film Scoring major, Israeli born Yuval Semo moved to New York where he made a name for himself as an extraordinary keyboard player, a composer/arranger, and a producer. He manned the position of the keyboard player and/or mixing arranger for a host of artists and toured with the Mountain Goats in addition to composing the strings for All Eternals Deck.

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