Why Travel? (Besides the obvious)

“I never considered travelling as a means of learning,” confesses Brian, who gave up his office job and started writing part-time for to be able to travel full-time. “But looking back, there is hardly anything that taught me more about life than travel”.

There are people that don’t see travelling as an important part of their lives. They are fine living in the U.S. (or wherever it is) and only going as far as the neighboring state. If you are one of them, it’s completely fine. Not everybody wants to see the Colosseum, to take a picture of the Grand Canyon, to climb through jungles or Mount Everest. It’s fine to love the comfort of your home and not be willing to give it up. Yet this very love might be the exact reason to incorporate travel into your life.

Have you considered the value of travelling besides the obvious? You will see cities and people, that’s obvious, but you can also acquire some valuable skills. What are those skills?


Travelling is unpredictable, especially if you travel on a budget. Busses arrive late, planes don’t land where they were supposed to, hosts of apartments you rent cancel in the very last moment. It’s stressful, but it’s also an opportunity to develop your resourcefulness. Where will you go for help? What will you do? Will you be able to solve the problem ASAP? It only sounds stressful, but once you learn to manage such situations, your life is bound to become better.

Communication skills

If you are not a people’s person, this is an especially valuable skill for you (if you want to have it, of course). Communicating with people that don’t speak your language, getting what you need from a person that is unwilling to give it to you, making new friends and asking for favors – all of these skills are easily acquired through just a couple of trips. Hostels are especially good for such purposes, where people are supposed to meet and communicate, no matter how shy and anti-social they are.

Economy skills

What is the cheapest way to get from point A to point B? How to save on accommodation and museum admissions? Where to change money with an acceptable exchange rate? All of these questions will undoubtedly arise during your travels and you will be forced to look for answers. Budget travelling is, no doubt, a special skill, but it also gives you a special mindset. You learn to save naturally, without making any extra efforts or having any hard feelings about not being able to afford something. In fact, you might as well be able to afford it, but additional economy is never a disadvantage.

Ability to adjust

Whether it’s a different time zone or a different way of life, you learn to put up with it. Maybe people are eating completely different things or have weird customs – you still put up with it. Visiting other countries, especially remote ones, helps a lot in getting used to weirdest things and not having any discomfort because of them. Apply it to your everyday life and you will stop getting so annoyed with mundane things, such as noisy neighbors or uncomfortable beds.