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The Killers at the Air Canada Centre

Photo Credit: Rob Loud

The Killers warmed up the ACC crowd on a very cold night…and covered them with confetti.

I hadn’t realised The Killers were on album number five until I heard they were touring in support of new LP Wonderful Wonderful this year. They lost their appeal for me as soon as Brandon Flowers debuted that Moustache back in 2007 (so shallow, I know).

Since they formed 17 years ago, the band have grown to 9 people including three backing singers. The set opens with Wonderful Wonderful and The Man from the new album and the crowd are on their feet almost immediately. The band’s strength still lies in their debut album for me – and what a debut it was; pretty much all killer, no filler. Somebody Told Me makes an early appearance in the set and the early 2000s memories transported me right back to when I was 18; jumping around in the student’s union.

The stage visuals tended towards the flashy Vegas style, with light bulb-lined arrows and screens showing neon cowboys, cowgirls and the band introducing themselves as from “Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.” This extended to Flowers’ Elvis-style moves on stage and, for the encore, his full Vegas flash: a metallic suit, shirt and sequined shoes – all in gold. The show ramped up with golden sparkles falling from above the stage, confetti cannons, and a big finish of Mr. Brightside. The roar from the crowd was incredible. You could tell the band are still thrilled with that kind of response. A hell of a closer for this musical trip down memory lane.

All Photos by Rob Loud

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