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Video Premiere : “House On Fire” by Wes Mack

From The Artist : “Songwriting and playing live have always been at my core. The release of my first album changed my life and to follow it up the last thing I wanted to do was rush out a bunch of tracks just to get it done. So I wrote just over 60 songs to find what I wanted: something that was made to be played live.

House on Fire was one of the very last songs written in that batch. I’d been back in Calgary, where I grew up, and I drove past the house where one of my best friends lives. He always had the wildest house parties and I thought back to one I went to when I was 17. Every room you walked into had something insane going on. People snowboarding down the stairs, food fights, staple gun fights (not safe kids), and eventually the party poured out of the house on to a baseball diamond across the street. By about 4am a bunch of us had climbed up on the roof (even less safe) to watch the northern lights that had come out. Then, we all came back inside as the sun was rising and threw on a Bob Marley album and listened to One Love.

So I took that night and turned it into the song House on Fire. We actually went back to that same baseball diamond and did the photoshoot for the single cover there. That kind of thing means a lot to me. My songs, the videos, the photos… I want all of it to be true to me and my life so that when I stand on stage and let it rip, my fans get something real and something fun.

I wrote the song with Murray Daigle and Donny Anderson and worked with my longtime friend Jordan Orbek producing. To me it is a slice of one of the most fun moments in my life that I had the chance to work on with a bunch of my good friends. I hope people have as much fun listening and partying with House on Fire as we did making it.

As for the video…. I couldn’t’ be happier to have directed this one. I mean, it’s an aggressive beer pong tournament with nerf guns, silly string, a shark head and a dirty banjo solo. What more can I say?”

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