Concert Reviews

Post Malone at Rogers Arena, Vancouver

On April 27th Rogers arena overflowed with people wanting to see Post Malone on his North American tour. Vancouver was Posts second second stop on the tour and it couldn’t have gone any better. The show started at 8 and the first opener to take the stage was Paris. I’ve never heard of the rapper before but he knew how to get the crowd hyped up. He was rapping over tracks the DJ behind him was playing and near the end of his set he told us how just three months ago he was homeless just trying to make his music and now he’s here so “always follow your dream”. The second opener who came out, I unfortunately didn’t catch his name, but whoever he was he really engaged with the crowd and not even 5 minutes into his performance he jumps into the crowd bodysurfing while rapping and next thing you know he’s back on stage and a mosh pit has started. So obviously he really know how to hype everyone up as well. The last rapper to come out was called St.John and honestly by this time it was almost 10:00 and they all started to sound the same and everyone just wanted Post to come out. 

Finally, at 10:30 you could see green and yellow lights flashing behind the huge curtain covering the stage and then smoke covered the stage and the curtain fell. The crowd, which has doubled in size, erupts with ear piercing screams and through the smoke you can see posts silhouette holding onto the mic stand. He opens with his song “Too Young” from his first album “Stoney”. He ends the second song of the night yelling “what the f**k is up Vancouver!” and the crowd replies with yells and whistles. Then he goes on to talk about how excited he is the Vancouver was the second stop on his tour and then moves on to talking about his album, “Beerbongs & Bentleys”, which was released that day. He goes on to play a couple songs from the album including “Taking Shots” and “Spoil My Night”. Post grabs the mic after and is breathing quite heavily and says to the crowd “I’m to fat for this sh*t man” and continues to chug his drink that he had with him, beer i’m assuming. As the night goes on the stage behind Post was putting on a really awesome light show as he was playing. He also played some classics of his like “De Ja Vu”, “No Option’, and one of his newer hits “Psycho” all while smoking a cigarette on stage. One of my favourite parts of the concert was when he played “I Fall Apart”. 

He started it off with saying “this song is dedicated to the f**king b**ch who broke my heart” and the whole stadium hooted and hollered. This song gave me chills he made it such an amazing performance. Closer to the end of the show he left the stage and returned with an acoustic guitar and sat at the corner of the stage with a single spotlight on him and he played “Stay” and “Feeling Whitney” which I was not expecting at all and he sounded amazing and during “Feeling Whitney” everyone in the stadium had their lighters in the air and were waving them back and fourth. It really showed how Post doesn’t just stick to one genre of music. He obviously had to end the night with a bang so he played “Rockstar” which had the whole stadium jumping I swear you could feel the floor moving. It obviously got Post hyped up because as the song ended he grabbed his guitar and smashed it in the middle of the stage and then walked off. He came back a minute later and says he wants to tell us a story. He tells us about how he made it to where he is today and how everyone doubted him. He ended the story saying “now when people see me they say..congratuf**kinglations” and you guessed it, he closed the concert with his song “Congratulations”. As the song came to an end he stood at the edge of the stage looking up to the ceiling just taking everything in and then he left the stage. This concert, although lengthy, was so amazing and I respect Post Malone on a whole other level after seeing him perform live.