5 Movies That Showcase Excellence in Film Production

From sets to costumes, movies rely heavily on their production. Without an appropriate set, costumes, and actors, a movie will never make it. So, it is important to do everything that you can to ensure that the production of your film is the best it can be. 

Many major and successful films have been lauded for their excellent production; a lot of these films even hire companies to look after the production, like the multimedia company in Phoenix, Phoenix Production Services. 

These companies are a part of the filming and make sure that the film is running at full potential at all times. 

Here are five movies that are great examples of excellence in film production:

  1. The Harry Potter Franchise

One of the best examples of a film production being incredibly successful is the Harry Potter series. Originally based off of books, David Heyman had his work cut out for him when he took on the role as producer. 

With the novels as successful as they were, it was important that every detail of production was correct, and seeing the fame that Harry Potter holds now, with all movies in the series released, it is clear that he did a great job of bringing Hogwarts to life.

  1. Avatar (2009)

James Cameron also did a great job of creating a world in the 2009 movie, Avatar. While much of what was depicted in the movie was animated, it still feels real thanks to the many people who were able to draw and animate the characters in a way that still made them look real. 

The movie won a Golden Globe Award for “Best Motion Picture” and “Best Production Design” in 2010, and James Cameron won two awards for “Best Director” in the very same year. 

  1. Get Out (2017)

With its hard-hitting social commentary and thrilling scenes, Get Out is another movie where care with production paid off. While the storyline is important in movies, and in this movie in particular, the film would have never gotten the fame that it now holds without perfect casting and its suspenseful aura. 

The producer of this movie, Jordan Peele, created a story that portrayed the issue of racism in a “horror-comedy” as he called it. 

  1. The Blind Side (2009)

Produced by Alcon Entertainment, The Blind Side had the burden of having to display a true story. For fans of Michael Orr, the movie’s main character, it was crucial that every detail was right. 

Because of this, the side by side photos of the film’s cast compared to the actual family that the movie is about are astounding. The film even includes photos of the real family at the end, shedding light on the fact that it was based on a true story.


  1. Black Panther (2018)

Kevin Feige and David J. Grant produced what is arguably the best movie of 2018. Winning countless awards, Black Panther tackled the story that many Marvel fans had been waiting on for years. 

The casting and set made the film the success that it was. Chadwick Boseman is everything that the fans could have hoped for and Michael B. Jordan brought a villain to life that everyone loved and hated all at once. The set and costumes brought Wakanda to life.

Screenwriters and directors often do not have the time or the talent to have what it takes to actually make a story come to life. This is why it is important to have a producer and a production company that have what it takes to make a film successful.

Final Thoughts

Movie production is such a crucial aspect of the way that stories are told. Without the costumes and background, it is impossible to know where the story is, and it is definitely a lot more difficult to become invested in it. Overall, production greatly impacts the success of a film, for better or worse.