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Pond at The Opera House

Photos by Katrina Lat

I was really excited for this performance. As their music is psych-rock, and they have ties with Tame Impala, as all members have performed with the band, excluding Kevin Parker. With all this in consideration, I knew it was going to be something special.

Nick Allbrook’s energy is a key factor in what makes their performance so engaging. There isn’t all THAT much talk in between songs, but his dancing, facial expressions, and wandering around the stage and even into the audience keeps really adds some excitement to the show.

Although it was a really entertaining and energetic show, there was a huge key element missing- visuals. For me, personally, visuals are a huge aspect in making a psych-rock show complete. It adds creativity, an artistic element, and ultimately makes the show just that much more entertaining.

They could have had something as simple as a visualizer in the background, just something. In addition to that, their show was at the Opera House. In all honesty, its not my favourite venue in Toronto. I’m a shorter person, so it was hard to see as it was. If they had visuals, I probably would have been at-least able to see that, and it would have added something fun to the show.

Excluding that, the show was spot on. All members seemed stoked to be there, and instrumentals and vocals were all on point. Allbrook’s dancing and slight commentary in between performances were truly the cherry on top.

“Waiting Around for Grace” was a highlight performance. Allbrook jumped into the audience and danced along with show-goers, which hyped the crowd up even more-so than they already were.

Other favourite performances included “Sweep Me Off My Feet,” “Zen Automaton,” and Don’t Look at the Sun or You’ll Go Blind,” being my favourite. It was a fun dance party, with extremely defined synths, along with some hard hitting rock. I was blown away.

They closed out the show with “Man It Feels Like Space Again,” which was nothing short of an epic performance. The tempo was just right, and they transitioned in between different sections of the song smoothly, sounding identical to the track. Allbrook’s vocals were a bit higher than normal during the chorus, but this wasn’t a defeating factor to the performance.

I would love to see these guys perform at an outdoor festival to a larger crowd with visualizers, it would be the absolute perfect setting.

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