Personal injury is one segment of law that you should be familiar with if you want to stay healthy and protected. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong or that you might encounter on a daily basis that can cause you pain or harm.

There are six times in particular that you may be eligible for compensation and should be aware of for future reference. Your first step in the process is to know when you’re the victim and can rightfully take legal action against another party. Keep in mind that if any of these accidents or incidents occur in your life that you might have a case that’s worth pursuing.

  1. Road Traffic Accidents

One time you may be eligible for compensation is if you get into a road traffic accident. It’s possible you were the driver, passenger or pedestrian who wasn’t at fault and need guidance on what you should be doing next. After you report what occurred to the authorities, take time to call to consult with them regarding what happened and if they believe you have a personal injury case. 

  1. Accidents at Work

You may also be eligible for compensation if you’ve recently been involved in a workplace accident. Unfortunately, unsafe work conditions are more typical than you may initially think. It’s a wise idea to always be aware and on your toes and not let an accident go undocumented or unreported. 

  1. Sporting Injuries 

Another time you might be entitled to compensation is if another player acted recklessly or the equipment was faulty while playing sports. It’s also possible that the organizers didn’t take the proper steps to make sure you were playing and participating in a safe environment. If you believe you were the victim of a sporting injury, then it’s worth your time to see if you have a valid claim to file. 

  1. Slips, Trips & Falls 

Slips, trips, and falls can happen anywhere and at any time, so always be aware of your surroundings. You may initially feel embarrassed, but know that the incident may not have been your fault. It can be costly and frustrating to have to pay and care for any injuries due to this negligence, so it’s in your best interest to pursue your options for taking legal action.

  1. Construction Injuries 

Working in the construction industry is an exciting but also dangerous job. It’s fairly common that workers experience any number of injuries from a sprained ankle to an illness or a fracture. It’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the workers is the number one concern and that the proper measures are taken to prevent workplace injuries.

  1. Cycling Accidents 

Riding a bicycle may seem harmless, but in fact, it can be quite dangerous when you’re out there among vehicles. Keep in mind that getting into an accident while cycling can cause you financial burden as well as prevent you from working. If you’ve been injured and weren’t at fault, then you may want to see if you’re eligible for compensation.