Concert Reviews

Twenty One Pilots at Scotiabank Arena

Photos by Katrina Wong Shue

If you walked past the Scotiabank Arena on Monday there was a line of dedicated fans already lined up with over 24 hours til show time. I always knew Twenty One Pilots had dedicated fans, but this was an incredible scene.

Fast forward to 8:15pm Tuesday night, the pit is packed and has been for over two hours, fans are eager and ecstatic. The impeccable tour and arena staff, come with water passing out to fans that are in need. Fifteen minutes later the lights dim, a flaming car emerges from the stage below and the night can truly began. The duo from Columbus, Ohio started the show with Jumpsuit” from their most recent album Trench, which really got everyone in the entire arena on their feet and jumping to the beat.

One thing I love about certain bands is that they play their biggest hits early, which could weed out anyone individual who didn’t really care to be at the show in the first place. Twenty One Pilots is one of those bands who banged out “Fairly Local”, “Heathens” and their Grammy Award winning song “Stressed Out” before they even said: “Hello Toronto!” The energy at this show was on another level, the duo have such a stage presence and awareness of how to cater to their fans all over the arena. I was particular blown away when lead singer Tyler Joseph closed out “Fairly Local” in the 300 sections of the arena, which is something I’ve never seen before. Most people in those high sections just appreciate a band member acknowledging them, let alone joining them.

They luckily did not stop there, a catwalk began to descend from the rafters of Scotiabank Arena as Tyler began to sing “Nico and The Niners”. Both members made their way to the B-stage where it was time for the second half of the pit and lower bowl to have their moment. Before their set began they had pointed out that this was their parents favourite part of the show, and asked everyone to sit down and relax while they played four songs on the piano. It was honestly the most calming part of the show until the crowd sing-a-long to “Truce” which was used as a transitional piece before the encore. The entire arena held up their phone lights, and members of the pit were linked arm and arm, it was a very special scene.

As Josh and Tyler took to the stage for their final song Trees”, they made their way back to pit. Security handed members of the bit drums and a platform that they held the boys on for a good minute, and it completely blew me away. Confetti began to fall from the jumbotron, the flaming car emerged once again and as you heard the final drumbeat sound, the words “Twenty One Pilots, The Bandito Tour” flashed on screen. The entire show was absolutely breathtaking; I do feel extremely bad for those who were not allowed to experience a night two. But after the crowd reaction that evening, they will return to the Scotiabank Arena, sooner rather than later.