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Video Premiere : “Leavin’ It All Behind” – Most People

From The Artist : “The song is about being so into someone, that you’ll try to be anything they want you to be, even if hurts. It’s about totally losing yourself for someone or something that doesn’t reciprocate the devotion. When writing this song and the other songs for the upcoming album, we wanted to explore all the types and dynamics of love – the painful, the wonderful, the romantic, the plutonic and the in-between. First of all, our vision for the video came from our undying love for Kate Bush and her eclectic combination of music and dance. We really wanted to work with a dancer that could bring their own abilities to help shape the video. We are trying to strike some kind of balance between something fun and authentic. We wanted to have a dance that complimented the video rather than just being something in the background. The process was very collaborative between us, Seth and Jessica. Working with Jessica Henderson was such a privilege and she brought a professional level of magic to everything.” Brandon

Formed in 2011, Toronto’s Most People make eclectic modern indie-pop songs infused with ‘80s and early ‘90s sounds. Their recently completed album Call Me Up represents Most People’s shift towards a more sensitive, smoother, lyrically driven celebration of love.

Their second full-length album, Call Me Up marks the shift into a bold third phase of Most People’s musical evolution. While their 2012 self-titled debut could have been filed under dreamy psych-pop, and their 2014-16 stream of singles bounced over to peppy electro-indie anthems, 2019 sees this trio of young men making a grand artistic statement by exploring the commercial pop of their childhood. It’s not an ironic jaunt into yacht-rock – this is a deep, serious set of songs – but it’s not without Most People’s uniquely winking sense of fun and humour, either.

Call Me Up is in fact many things: a collection of gorgeous, soulful songs, ranging from slow-jam R&B ballads to new wave sing-alongs to sexy-sax-laden school-dance tracks just begging for that perfect TV show placement. It’s a celebration of the influence of great “sensual” music artists of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, from Phil Collins to George Benson to Spandau Ballet, whose work is being reevaluated in the Internet era. And it’s a declaration of a new kind of sensitive, caring, empathetic masculinity, from a group with a genderqueer frontman, Brandon Gibson-DeGroote



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