From The Artist : “Gold” is an alternative country track that ruminates over the challenges of seeking fulfillment in a society which often views wealth as a metric of success and purpose. The longing vocals and genuine lyrics are complemented by swelling tones and a rhythm that paces the listener as they meander through forests, rivers, and valleys of thought. Gold is found in the relationships we foster and the overwhelming joy that can be attained when we find freedom from expectation.

The music video for ‘Gold’ features a solitary ‘Detectorists’-inspired character diligently detecting through fields and groves, searching for a piece of history, precious metals, and experiencing the thrill of discovery. The compass unearthed at the end of video represents the roles of perseverance, patience and serendipity in discovering a path towards knowledge of self and fulfillment. “Gold” is the second single from Emilie Steele & The Deal’s eponymous debut EP. The music video showcases beautiful Simcoe Island and was edited at Happy Kid Productions by filmmaker Jason Middaugh.

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