World Premiere

Song Premiere: “Higher” by Naya Liviah

Naya Liviah is an 18-year-old artist from Toronto, Ontario. She personifies the mashup of cultures and styles that make the city a hotbed for emerging artists. Born in Japan, daughter of a Saskatchewan farmgirl-turned-model and a Rwandan diplomat’s son-turned-DJ, Naya’s steeped in musical traditions that stretch around the globe. But her voice is an instrument that’s all her own.
Her new single “Higher” is a pop track that evokes the last hazy days of summer through a technicolour burst of bittersweet. The song radiates those last warm days through NAYA’s effervescent vocals, and the dance-floor ready production. ‘Higher’ uplifts and has the listener searching for new heights, motivating them to live in the moment.

The ash of a dying campfire. The smell of the hot dog stand at the CNE. The bittersweet feeling you get when the evenings start getting shorter.

My new single, “Higher,” was inspired by the end of a Canadian summer. It’s a song about what comes after the heat of first love – when sustaining a relationship takes vulnerability and introspection.

That’s what makes relationships beautiful, unique, and worth fighting for.
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