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EP Premiere : “It’s All Okay Thanks to You” by The Sun Harmonic

From The Artist : “The name of the album comes from the closing track, a punk rock sing-along tune a few years old that we dusted off with a new energy. It started to resonate with me when the trio took it on in our original set, the arrangement was simple and the chorus’ message still poignant. I knew we were ready and eager to record these songs after almost two years rehearsing and gigging with them. I told my drummer a few times “OK, let’s just quickly make a short EP, maybe use the name It’s All Okay Thanks To You, and we’ll record a few of my throwaway songs on there; but maybe it’s time to record Sign on the Road though” – word for word, I saw these songs as throwaway tunes ready to be let go, but that downplaying was my own perspective after loosing connection and writing many more songs instead. I knew we could do a good job in the studio to make them come alive and finally give them to the public, I was pleasantly surprised. The song structures and lyrics on this EP were so familiar to me, so our band recordings had room to grow in tangents when I started experimenting in my studio at home. The guitar solo on Coffee Girl is one of my favourite parts of the EP now because it took 5 years for the song to be recorded but only 30 minutes to write and record the guitar solo. It’s the small moments of the recording process that are most refreshing and exciting to me. Then a week after we share the first single and start to finalize our EP release show, the world went into a crisis as the pandemic stretched globally and locked down my home city in Toronto. The message “It’s All Okay” changed on a dime, it became my reminder or mantra to repeat as we navigate these extremely strange days. I hope this new music of ours can brighten your day and reach even just a few hearts out there, for me it will remain the soundtrack to one of the strangest collective experiences of our lifetime.” – Kaleb Hikele

The Sun Harmonic premieres their prominent new EP, “It’s All Okay Thanks to You,” out today. The Canadian-based group has been bring a bold and unique sound to the masses, not only in their homeland, but beyond. Their stunning musicality is a breath of fresh air in the ever-changing music scene, and The Sun Harmonic are right at the top of the game. Kicking off things this Spring with their well-received and critically acclaimed song “Sign on the Road,” the group brings to the musical forecast a sound and vibe that is like no other. Fronted by lead vocalist and songwriter Kaleb Hikele, The Sun Harmonic is a true labor of love. The record is filled to the brim with harmonic melodies, enchanting songwriting, storytelling lyricism, and a sound that will overall knock you off your feet. The EP clocks in with 5 songs, that graciously flow from one to the other. You’ll find yourself head over heels for songs like “Coffee Girl,” and in love with pieces like “A Question for You.” The sound that The Sun Harmonic creates is a charming and insightful look into the band, and what they have to offer the world.

The Sun Harmonic is a solo folk act that grew into a rock and roll band and the main creative outlet for Canadian composer Kaleb Hikele since 2009. An eclectic songwriter and adventurous recording artist from Toronto’s east end, raised in the small town of St.Thomas, Ontario. After a decade using his stage name, the artist was gratefully showcased by Canada’s Walk of Fame in downtown Toronto and Festival Du Voyageur in Winnipeg 2020. Now a folk-rock trio, the group is ready to Rock and Roll more than ever.

“It’s All Okay Thanks to You,” is a marvelous masterpiece that will send you comfort during these times. Be sure to find the EP on digital outlets, out today, April 17.

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