Top Xbox Games to Help You Train Your Brain

For the longest time, there was the misconception that playing video games kills the brain. However, over the course of time, it has been proven that playing games, whether video games or best usa online casino sites games, comes with so many great advantages. 

In fact, relieving stress and killing depression is one of the biggest advantages of playing games. Because video games come in various themes, you get to play different games, with different benefits.

Below, we feature the top Xbox games that help you to train your brain.

Brain Challenge

This game is available on Xbox 360 and will do a great job testing your mental prowess. You will also get to be tested when it comes to managing your stress levels. The game comes with many other mini-games, categories, as well as game modes.

You will have the chance to take some Daily Tests. These have been designed to give you an average idea of the percentage of your brain that you will be using. After that, you will be able to do some exercises that will actually improve your score. 


Just like many online casino games, this is a classic game that has been around for as long as we can remember. When you play the game, you will be required to rotate some falling blocks that come in various shapes, and then fit them into spaces that are located at the bottom of the screen. 

As you pass through the stages, you will note that the speed will start increasing, which will require you to make decisions quickly so that you can pass the levels. You can find this game on Xbox One.

Portal 2

The game is available on Xbox 360 and contains some puzzles. As you play the game, your character will be teleported and you will be required to solve various puzzles.