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Video Premiere : “Cohabiting Lovers” – Ronley Teper & The Lipliners

Ronley Teper has been a fixture in the Canadian arts scene for almost two decades, she is most known for her genre-blending unabashed, experimental live performances. Alongside The Lipliners, her long-standing and eclectic collective of some of Toronto’s most progressive musicians and multi-media artists with the central core consisting of keyboardist Chris Pruden, drummer Jesse Baird, horns of Caleb Hamilton and Gordon Hyland, bassist Vivienne Wilder, guitar/banjo Tim Posgate, guitar/lap steel Christine Bougie, violin/effects of Jaron Freeman-Fox, and live projections & animations by Saúl Lederman. With Teper’s work unpredictability is a fixture of her ethos. Rather than set out to achieve a certain result, Teper knows that creativity will light the path and bring them to places altogether more exciting than any intentions could muster. Whether it be through musical poetry, satire, theatrics, visual effects, or improvisation, every tool in the kit is used to craft whimsical, surreal, and engaging contemporary artistic expression through music. It’s an approach free of inhibition that hearkens to the experimental greats like Zappa or Waits. Ronley’s ethos “Everything in life starts with creativity. If you don’t know where to go, just keep going. Eventually you’ll end up somewhere.”

Artist Statement : “When you love someone and live together for a long while there is another type of love that often seeds and comes to flower.. Some might call it the weeds, but one person’s weeds is another person’s salad. Away with the secrets, the subtleties and the foreplay romantics. Hello to the hard core truths, body odour and negotiations. Now that’s real love. This is dedicated to all the cohabiting lovers out there. Now take out the garbage.”
-Ronley Teper

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