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Video Premiere : “One More Day In Love” – Flõstate

Flõstate is a fantasy R&B duo from Canada. Consisting of producer MKSTN and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Avery Florence, two worlds collide creating multi-instrumental soundscapes and virtuous vocals. Inspired by a wide variety of artists and genres, the duo site acts such as Beach House, Galimatias, Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Enya, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd as key influences to their sound.

Today we are ecstatic to be teaming up Flõstate to give our readers an exclusive first look at the visualizer for their newest single One More Day In Love; a synth-heavy, fluid downtempo piece centred on gaining clarity in solitude. When talking about the track, the duo described it as “Alone, with only your memories and regrets, vivid in the night. It can be painful when we finally gain clarity on something from within our memory. It lies plainly in front of us, what it could have meant for our present if we had known. It’s so visceral, it opens a door flooding in with fantasies; regrets that paralyze you, eyes wide open in the dark.”

One More Day In Love follows the live version of their sedated, downtempo R&B offering, Time, which introduced listeners to the Canadian act in 2020. Creating music building out from intimate jam sessions, Flõstate create songs which “happen in the moments that we’re not looking.’ Listen to Time (Live) here. Experience Time through visual of the live rooftop performance of the song here, and a music video for the original version here.

Last week, the duo announced that they are gearing up to release their debut full-length album ‘Moments Of Feeling’ on May 19 via Lekker Collective. Themes on Moments Of Feeling include connection to others, connection to self, romance, surrealism and etherealism, being in a flow state, as a muse spirit while navigating life experiences. Blending chill, washed-out, electronic, R&B, dream pop, psychedelic pop with meaningful lyrics, the collaborative album uses themes of escapism to in fact, return to our natural state as humans in the universe, taking you through a dream before returning to reality.

Connect with Flõstate : Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Spotify || Soundcloud || Lekker Collective

Video credits:
Director: Angus McMaster & Duy Nguyen
Prod: Duy Nguyen
AD: Genelle Cruz
PM: Mukat Dhillion
DOP: Jerome Reil
Editor/Colourist: Haley Ma
Title Design: Chris Yue
1st AC: Thomas Skrlj
2nd AC: Vika Svisheva
Gaffer: Chris Yue
Grip: Hala Sadovy
PA: Oscar Tam
Cast: Chris Yue, Jessica Mak


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