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Album Premiere : ‘Just Like The Record’ – Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin, the singer/songwriter from Columbus, OH, draws from blues, soul, jazz, folk, and rock traditions in his music. It’s what sets him apart from other musicians; inspiration from more than one place makes art that’s beautiful. As a guitar player and a vocalist, he delivers a strong performance with each song and writes relatable themes that connect with audiences of all kinds.

His new album, Just Like The Record, was specifically crafted so that no two songs sound the same. He hopes to surprise the listener with each new song, keeping the album unexpected. It makes the listener like an explorer trying to discover what’s different and new with each new tune. The music is beautifully and masterfully crafted and eerily similar to the likes of Derek Trucks, The Grateful Dead, and Chris Stapleton while his voice has a Chris Stapleton meets Randy Newman quality.

Not only does he utilize different musical sounds and styles, he also utilizes different techniques. “Big Sky” has a strong Grateful Dead vibe all around with the electric keyboard, blues rock based sound, and slide guitars. “Soul Serving” has an anthem-like quality to it with a sharp and quick strumming of the guitar and chanting of “soul serving” in the chorus. The song is a blues/ rock and funk version of “Fight For Your Right to Party.” “I’ll Take the Rest” also has a sharp guitar strum, but this song is more of a classic rock song reminiscent of a softer Led Zeppelin or The White Stripes’ “7 Nation Army.”

Lyrically, his songs also explore concepts and ideas that we can all relate to. “Everybody’s Broken” is a song of unity. While it was written before the pandemic, it’s more relevant now than ever. We are all in this fight together, singing “everybody’s broken, but we’re all here together.” “Life Is” is the song that has a big Chris Stapleton sound, reminiscent of “Tennessee Whiskey.” It’s a song of endurance and cementing a bond, both in a relationship and just with the qualms of everyday life. He sings “life is you/life is me/life is not what you it to be/life is me/life is you/and we just keep hanging on.”

Just Like The Record
is full of fun music with lots of twists and turns. No two songs are the same, but you’ll still get everything you want out of it. You dance, sing, and think with this album. Patrick McLaughlin’s songwriting is unmatched and untouchable. We recommend it to anyone who loves good music.

Artist Statement
: “I love that the album has something for everybody and each song is a different experience.”

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