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The Dead Weather and Screaming Females at Kool Haus

Kool Haus – July 22, 2009

Jack White and Alison Mosshart’s new project band called The Dead Weather rocked the house down at the Kool Haus for their second performance in Toronto.

Screaming Females:

Screaming Females - Kool Haus - 07.22.09

But first, the highly anticipated New Jersey based band Screaming Females took the stage and delivered what I call a very good opening act. Almost nostalgic, SF kind of reminded me of old school White Stripes back in the “Fell in love with a girl” era. Lead singer Marrisa, although small in size, had the thunderous voice and enough energy to power the building. Dressed up like a doll or Selma from Scooby-Doo (perhaps it’s just me), her and fellow band mates Jarrett and Mike definitely made an impact as they played one of the craziest opening sets I’ve seen in a long time. By the end of their set, I am pretty sure they attracted a whole lot of new followers. Hopefully, they come back to Toronto to play again in the near future as I have not had enough of them yet.

The Dead Weather: 

The photographers were brought into the photo pit…then were taken out for “security reasons”…. We were then let back into the photo pit and The Dead Weather finally took the stage at 9:30pm.

Now before I get into reviewing them, I would just like to say that the contrast between Screaming Females and Dead Weather’s sets was anything but insignificant. SF wore clothing that looked very Salvation Army-ish (no offence, I liked it) and played against a black backdrop with bright fixed lighting. When SF finished, the lights totally went out, awesome backdrop appeared, and the most bad-ass looking band you’ve ever seen strutted their way out.

With dark blue lights and insane flash strobeing, photographing Dead Weather was anything but a breeze even though it looked wicked as hell. Jack White’s new band lets Alisson Mosshart of The Kills to take the lead and almost witch-like enchant those in the Kool Haus with her prese
nce. Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age and Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs completed the formation of the Nashville, Tennessee based super-rock group.

As there were about 11 photographers in the chaotic pit, I pretty much located and planted myself in one good spot where I had a decent few of all four members of the band.

Jack and the gang put on a very entertaining and very calculated performance. Everything from posing to jumping was right on cue. One could instantly tell that the four were well seasoned professionals of the trade.  

Just shortly after the first song, a dude was kicked out of the venue for crowd surfing. A tip for crowd surfers is that if you are going to do it, do it closer to the end of the set so at least you can see the majority of the performance…

Even though this performance will never match the intimacy from the Horseshoe Tavern, the Dead Weather still put on a memorable one for sure.

Set list:

1. 60 Feet Tall 2. Bone House 3. Hang You From the Heavens 4. You Just Can’t Win 5. So Far From Your Weapon 6. I Cut Like a Buffalo 7. Child of a Few Hours 8. Rocking Horse 9. No Hassle Night 10. Will There be Enough Water? 11. Forever My Queen 12. Treat Me Like Your Mother 13. New Pony

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