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Regina Spektor at Sound Academy

Sound Academy, Toronto. Sept 16, 2009.

In this time when hundreds of bands sound similar, there are a few that dare to sound different. And out of those few, an exceptional amount of artists emerge as sounding unique while having a nostalgic touch. Regina Spektor is one of these artists that I have admired for many years and was glad to see that her turn has finally come with her latest album Far.

Some critics have already torched her new album claiming that she has outlived her quirky charm and “overplayed naïveté” says Joshua Love of I strongly beg to differ in the fact that even though she does continue to produce songs with the same style that we know her to produce, all of the solid tracks on Far are quite the listen and each track contributes a fun, fresh and meaningful feeling.

In an interview with Pepsi Music, Spektor says that no one should feel that they must be confined to a certain niche or a certain style and that they should only associate themselves with similar types of people within that niche. But instead, “People should be free to be able to love what they want and that no one should be surprised at anything”.

At the Sound Academy in Toronto, as part of her North American tour, Spektor kicked off the show with three songs right from her new album, The Calculation, Eet and Folding Chair. The first note to come from her mouth immediately enchanted the venue and her vocals were nothing except perfect.

Spektor has some of the most loyal fans any artist could wish for. With the Sound Academy completely full, the sing-a-long continued from song to song. throughout the night.

P.S the musical bridge in “Human of the Year” is probably one of the most awesome bridges I’ve heard all year long…you can check it out in the youtube video posted below. 

Laughing With (Fan Video) – Regina Spektor – Sound Academy

Folding Chair (Fan video, one of my faves live)

Human of the Year (fan video, Another great recording live)

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