Andrew McMahon at The Phoenix – July 8, 2013

Photographs by Jaimie Milburn

“I’ve had a lot of name changes, but I’m sticking with this one,” jokes Andrew McMahon to a soggy, yet enthusiastic crowd at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on Monday night. Sure he’s fronted a band called Something Corporate and then solo moniker/band Jack’s Mannequin, but it’s evident that all the fans want are Andrew and his music no matter the name splashed on the marquee (if the Phoenix had a marquee, that is).

Opening with a Something Corporate song, easily switching gears to a Jack’s Mannequin song, and then introducing a track from his newest EP, the tone was perfectly set for the evening. Andrew was in his truest form barely sitting still while thrashing at the piano, pacing the front of the stage, and yes, climbing on top of the baby grand on multiple occasions. Its high jinx like this that make other piano pop-rockers’ live shows pale in comparison.

Let’s not go so far as to say that this is a greatest hits tour, because it’s certainly far from it. That being said though, the set list was a greatest hits piece of perfection from “Straw Dog” and “Punk Rock Princess” from the SoCo days, to “Dark Blue” and “Holiday From Real” from Jack’s Mannequin’s first release Everything in Transit. There was very little to be disappointed about. With so many albums under his belt Andrew could have easily kept the crowd riveted for hours.

Despite being billed as a solo artist, Andrew was backed by a five-piece band that accentuated the layers in his music and surprisingly made a venue of the Phoenix’s size feel intimate. Perhaps the best use of not-using the band came during the encore when Andrew returned to the stage to play the Something Corporate masterpiece “Konstantine”.  Quite frankly, there was no better way to end the show and no better place to take shelter from the rain.

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