Photographs by Katrina Wong Shue

After a two-year break, the Jonas Brothers are finally back and have taken the plunge together back into the music scene. Even though they were on a break, the brothers were still very much in the spotlight as Nick and Joe Jonas decided to dip their feet into the world of solo music careers, while Kevin landed a reality TV show called ‘Married To Jonas’.

This time around, the Jonas Brothers played a very different show at the Molson Ampitheatre proving that they don’t need all the fancy stage equipment that they had last time in order to have a blast. As their intro started to play, you could see the fans itching with anticipation for the guys to appear on stage. When Nick finally appeared, it distracted the fans while Kevin and Joe surprised them by walking through the crowd to get onto the stage. They opened up with their newly released single ‘First Time’ followed by ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Pom Poms’. By looking around the ampitheatre, it was great to see that a lot of their fans have grown with them as it was a very diverse crowd and everyone was singing along to every song.

These guys really know how to keep fans on their toes as they covered ‘Who I Am’, a song from Nick’s solo album, along with ‘See No More’ which comes off of Joe’s. During the performance of ‘See No More’, Nick went behind the drums which was a treat for the crowd. Also something special to note about these guys is how they always find new ways to get their fans involved with their shows. Every night they let each city vote for a song that they would like to see the guys play. They also held a vine contest where a winner was picked in each city to come up on stage and sing a little solo during their performance of ‘Still In Love With You’.

As the night came to a close, it was really humbling to see the brothers take the time to introduce everyone in their band by first and last name, then introduced themselves to the crowd before closing out the night with fan favourites such as ‘Burnin Up’, ‘Love Bug’, and ‘SOS’. Even if the Jonas Brothers isn’t your cup of tea, you have to admit that these guys know how to put on a great show and aren’t your typical pop boy band.

Thanks to Live Nation for media access.