Brad Paisley at Copps Coliseum – October 17, 2013

Written by Darlene Atlmann & Photographs by Ray Williams

Beat This Summer Tour, and they sure did! In Hamilton October 17th Lee Brice open the show at Copps Coliseum with his party anthem songs. He was the first of two openers of Brad Paisley’s Beat This Summer Tour!  He wowed the crowd and got the party started right with “Parking Lot Party.”  He sang all his hits including “I drive your car,” which he dedicated to all the overseas troops, “A , woman Like You, Hard To Love” which got the audience dancing and singing, and “Love Like Crazy,” while interacting and stopping to sign autographs.  His last song was a brand new song that will be on his new album coming out next year called “Drinking Class,” and asked the audience what they thought.  Of course the crowd went wild!  What a rowdy night it was!

Next Chris Young came out at 8:15.  He needed no introductions as everyone knew who he was.  All the ladies were screaming and swooning over him as Chris is definitely easy on the eyes!   Back in 2006, Chris won Nashville Star.  After that he was an instant sensation!  He sang his hits from all 4 albums including “The Man I Want To Be, Voices, Aw Naw,” and of course the fan favourite Getting You Home!”  I was waiting for the girls in the front row to throw black dresses at him!  He sang a cover of ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man which greatly impressed the audience and had everyone belting out to the tune!  He left the audience wanting more with his new song “Save Water, Drink Beer!”

Next the main man Brad Paisley came on stage and started off the show with “Southern Comfort Zone” next “Mud on the Tires “with a big tire in animation on the stage with the words Big BradYear!  Brad took to the stage at 9:15 and the show ended just after 11:00.  The audience sure got their monies worth!  Brad plays to impress!  He had an amazing light show throughout the entire show!  Brad, during “She’s Everything”, saw a couple with a sign in the audience that read “just engaged,” and Brad asked the couple to join him backstage!

Brad is always very humble and he thanked the audience for spending their hard earned money on his concert.  He walked into the audience and stood on a small platform with 3 of his bandmates and sang 2 songs, facing the back of the audience so that the less fortunate people in the back could get a good look at him.  Brad, in my opinion is one of the best guitarist, and was delighted to see him perform a guitar solo which turned into a few cords of “Oh Canada.”  He sang most of his hits including “Remind Me” with a hologram of Carrie Underwood singing beside Brad on stage.  What a fantastic night!  Always a great entertainer and money well spent!  His encore song was “Alcohol” which had his buddies Lee and Chris back on stage to shake hands and sign autographs!  Such an eventful concert!

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