There’s something about Jessie Ware that gives you chills. The British songbird has a voice of a diva but she is humble as pie. She strides onto the stage with the biggest smile, eager to please her audience.  The crowd danced and cheered as Ware rips through her critically acclaimed debut, Devotion.

If you’ve ever been to Jessie Ware’s show, you know how funny she is. The lady isn’t afraid to be cheeky. She made comments about the recent events surrounding our beloved mayor Rob Ford.  “I invited your mayor tonight because I think he needs a night out”.  But what made the show extra special was how close Ware got with her fans.

Whether it was a simple high five or taking photos with the fans while she sings, Ware does her best to show her gratitude. She welcomed the old and new, thanked those who waited in the rain, and blessed the person who brought her Marmite. You could tell she was genuinely grateful for the love Toronto has given and promises to return.

There is no mistaking that Jessie Ware is a powerhouse singer. With an industry filled with gimmicks than music, a talent like hers is refreshing. If Ware continues to gives 110% then her growing fanbase will forever be devoted.