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AFI at Phoenix Concert Theatre – January 31, 2014

After what felt like an eternity, AFI has finally returned to the music scene in support of their latest album Burials. It has been almost 4 years since the band last played a show in Toronto, and without any hesitation this one sold out fairly quick.

The lights hadn’t even started to dim when the crowd began chanting ‘Through Our Bleeding, We Are One!’ as they anxiously waited for the band to hit the stage. When AFI’s set finally came around, screams erupted as the band appeared before the crowd and guitarist Jade Puget began finger picking the beginning of The Leaving Song Pt. II. It’s kind of amazing to see Puget at work. Even if you aren’t a fan of the band, there is no denying that this guy has a unique stage presence and sound, especially since he is the only guitarist in the band.  Lead singer Davey Havok really has a way of getting the crowd going while performing. He has no fear of jumping off of the risers, doing high kicks and going straight into the crowd to sing along with the fans. While Havok is getting up close with the fans, bassist Hunter Burgan and drummer Adam Carson help Puget hold down the fort with their intense bass riffs and drum beats that pulled together AFI’s massive sound and brought it to life.

The set list for this tour was perfect for any hardcore AFI fan. Not only did you finally get to hear new songs such as I Hope You Suffer and 17 Crimes but the band also did not fail to include older favourites such as File 13, Days Of The Phoenix, Girl’s Not Grey, Miss Murder and God Called in Sick Today. As the night came to an end, the band played an encore consisting of The Conductor, Dancing Through Sunday and Silver and Cold.

All in all, it was evident that even after they disappeared for a bit, AFI has reemerged on top.

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