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WE ARE THE IN CROWD at Mod Club – February 23, 2014

It’s been two and a half year since We Are The In Crowd released their debut, Best Intentions.  During that time the band from Poughkeepsie, New York, has done a bit of growing up. They found a place in the pop-punk scene to call their own and eventually, a bunch of kids started embracing the WATIC life.  Now We Are The In Crowd returns with a new full length, Weird Kids, and a tour that would make you feel like they’ve never left.

Four men wearing a red mask and black hoodie appeared on stage. It was dark and the men stood there for a couple of minutes without saying a word. No one could tell if this was a part of the act or the band was experiencing technical difficulties. Just as the chants for Set It Off echoed around the room, the intro to “Kill the Lights” begins.  No was allowed to stand still for this set. The band encouraged everyone to jump, clap, mosh, do whatever; just do not stand still.  After each song, SIO lead vocalist, Cody Carson would do a monologue. His performance fit perfectly with the band’s orchestra-rock sound.  The crowd loved the high energy Set It Off was giving. It definitely set the pace for the night’s headliner.

Next, it was time for William Beckett to take the stage. He opened with an acoustic cover of Damien Rice, “Compromising Me”.  Among all the chatter, it was clear Beckett was not welcomed to this party. The former front man of The Academy Is has been working hard on his solo career since TAI ended two years ago. Sadly for him, this new generation of kids felt nothing for his newer material.  It wasn’t until he started singing “About a Girl” (TAI fan favorite) that the crowd acknowledges his presence. His set quickly ended with his pop friendly  tune, “Benny and Joon”.

It has been a long time since We Are The In Crowd played in Toronto. But when everyone heard the beat to “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”, the crowd immediately rushed to the front.  You could feel the enthusiasm oozing from all over the room as the WATIC played a selective mix of new and old songs. But Tay Jardine’s nerves got the best of her when suddenly her vocals would disappear throughout the set.  Luckily for her, Jordan Eckes (vocals and rhythm guitarist) was there to hold it altogether. However, Tay redeemed herself with an acoustic version of “For The Win” which best showcase her vocal talents that night. Sure enough, WATIC were incredibly entertaining. The chemistry between Tay and the crew was evident. We Are The In Crowd saved the best for last when they dished out fan favourites such as “Both Sides of The Story” and “Rumor Mill” for their encore.

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