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Fast Romantics and Dear Rouge at Adelaide Hall

Eager Torontonians gathering outside the Adelaide Hall on Saturday, March 29, 2014 for the Fast Romantics headlining show that featured Vancouver natives, Dear Rouge and east coast band, Gramercy Riffs.

While treated to high fives from the Indie88 Street Team as you walked in, the mood was pretty laid back.  Gramercy Riffs played as people socialized in the double -floored venue.  They came off very mellow and didn’t seem to enjoy themselves until the last song of their set.  Serving up the energy was Dear Rouge in the next set.  Lead singer, Danielle graced about the stage, while belting out each song.  Currently, you can find Dear Rouge at #5 on the Canadian – Alternative charts this week.  They’ve found past success on the West Coast by winning the Peak Performance Project in 2012 and have been on the road ever since.  Fronted by the married couple, Danielle and Drew McTaggart, worked off each other’s liveliness throughout the whole show.  It was clear once Danielle received a positive reaction from the crowd, that they had won some new fans in Toronto.

As Fast Romantics hit the stage, it was clear that everyone was there for them.  With the Toronto date being right in the middle of their 12 – date tour that takes them from central Canada all the way to Victoria, the tour seemed to be a superb oiled machine.  While in the middle of their set, they switched up instruments and stage sides, which freshen up the set.  The room seemed to jump to the beat of each song while belting out the lyrics back at the band.  You felt the atmosphere be very welcoming and it was as if a bunch of friends got together for a jam. The night ended with lead singer, Matthew saying they had one more song left, and if the crowd was good there may be more. The overall show brought out fans from different walks of life and left you feeling neighbourly with each band.

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