All About Pets 2014

Photographs by Kayley Luftig & Written by Sue Joy.

Imagine finding everything you need to know about owning or adopting a pet all under one roof! The All About Pets Show is a 3 day show where you can get information about adopting a pet, buying from a breeder, wellness and veterinary care, food and nutrition, training and much, much more!

Held every Easter weekend at the International Centre this show is filled with action and information. There are doggy fashion shows, grooming contests, talent and trick pet shows, guest speakers on a variety of topics related to domestic housepets, exotic pets as well as horses plus a whole lot of shopping opportunities! The selection of treats, clothing and accessories, toys and beds and everything else pet-related is endless.

There are a plethora of breeders, rescue organizations, and even some exotic handlers for you to visit and get tons of information about a pet you may be thinking of adding to your home in the near future.

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