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Big Sugar at Molson Canadian Studio, Hamilton Place

Photographs by Lee-Ann Richer.

Last night Gordie Johnson brought Big Sugar to Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place for their unplugged “Yardstyle Tour 2015”. The bottom section of the room was filled and the show started just after 8pm. I noticed as we were leaving (after the three songs allowed to photographers) the back of the studio was packed with people standing. I was kind of surprised how many people were showing up late. I know it happens but this seemed more than usual.  Maybe they were outside “enhancing” their vibe! 

Gordie joked about the fact that, “this will be one of the quietest shows you will ever hear from Big Sugar” and followed with, “in fact this will probably be one of the quietest shows in Hamilton”.  This is a totally different show for Big Sugar. This is part of their thirty nine date tour. The unplugged tour is filled with old favorites and new tunes off their new album, “Yardstyle”. 

The nine piece band had a laid back jam feel to it. Gordie also mentioned that they were up there having fun and they could do what they wanted. The vibe was slick and loose and it was cool to hear them doing something a little different. 

This tour’s set list contained classics like “Turn the Lights On” to new tunes like “Police Bway the Vampire” and “Calling All the Youth”. Gordie describes it as it’s like the sound of Negril at night!

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