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May 29 – The Vaccines, A$AP Rocky, Anti-Flag

While all the hype about what’s happening next week is going on (Jamie xx, Jamie xx, oh, um, Florence, oh, Jamie xx, etc, etc), there’s still a few things that dropped this week that have me all excited. Check out the list below.

The Vaccines – English Graffiti

The first release in three years for this superior British band, English Graffiti doesn’t fail to impress. Though nothing could ever be as good as their debut release, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, English Graffiti is a different form of garage rock. Still sludgy and true to their work, The Vaccines’ third studio release is very experimental and playing with a lot. Led by singles “Handsome” and “Dream Lover,” it’s supported by strong songs that carry it through all the way. More synth than their older stuff, it’s still an interesting release, taking listeners on a sort of journey through all the genres The Vaccines would like to experiment with– in a short amount of time. I understand it, but maybe I don’t. I would have listened to this album years ago– it’s definitely not 2015, sonically.

Rating: 6/10

A$AP Rocky – At. Long. Last. ASAP.

With songs featuring Kanye West, Mos Def, Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, and Bones (!!!) A$AP’s long-awaited album is truly one of its kind. The recording is flawless and the lyrics it offers are impressive and range really all over the globe. Instead of the EDM bass drops that plagued his work before. It’s going back, slowly but surely, to the cloud rap influence that gave him his fanbase to begin with.

Rating: 9/10

Anti-Flag – American Spring

Bloody punk and back in their own way, the new Anti-Flag release is truly original. I just watched this Swedish movie about young punkers, and now I’m inspired. Is punk truly dead? The band continues to yell about everything that’s going wrong in the world, reflecting society’s ills in their guitars and lyrics. Honestly, I can’t believe they’re still going at it– but I’m glad they are. We need punk now more than ever.

Rating: 7/10

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