This week we started a new feature where Live in Limbo’s mastermind Sean Chin joined us to talk about his three favourite movies.

Shawshank Redemption

2001: A Space Odyssey

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

The bottom five of our countdown is the following. Dakota’s ratings come first followed by Andreas’

10. How Green Was My Valley 2.5/10 5/10

9. Going My Way 4/10 6/10

8. Mrs. Miniver 7/10 7/10

7. Gone With the Wind 7.3/10 7/10

6. The Best Year’s of Our Lives 8/10 7/10

Next week we reveal our top 5 of the decade! 

Songs from this episode are from The OBGM’s



Make sure you check the band out at the year’s Riot Fest on Saturday September 19th and buy a digital copy of their newest album, which is self titled from their Bandcamp page.  

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