Spotify Goes MainSTREAM in Canada with Rogers

Swedish-bred streaming service Spotify may already be well known to Canadian music consumers, but it’s about to be exposed to a whole new audience thanks to an expanded partnership with Rogers Communications.

In a move echoing Apple Music’s launch of a few months ago, Share Everything + customers can get up to three Spotify Premium accounts in order for different family members to be able to listen to the music they want, wherever they want. According to Rogers CEO Guy Laurence, people listen to an average of 24 hours of music a week; 75% have tried this newfangled “streaming” thing, with a whopping 95% doing so via a mobile phone. So teaming up with the country’s largest wireless carrier to grow Spotify’s user base makes sense to say the least.

Daniel Ek was also in attendance at Rogers’ Toronto HQ, albeit a little more tight-lipped than his business exec counterpart about the Spofity actuals. He did gush about how Canada has been an awesomely performing market since officially launching here ten months ago, in addition to how the universal number one music app gives back to the industry and its artists, specifically citing Dear Rouge. The Vancouver husband-and-wife electro-alt duo were relative unknowns a year ago, only to have made strides with fans in multiple markets as a direct result of Spotify.

“Connecting the world through music,” seemed to be Ek’s mantra, although you may have to sign up for a double-digit data plan so as to realize this vision. Which would certainly make Laurence happy. Well, that and the Rogers-owned Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series!

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