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Operation MindCrime at the Rockpile

Operation Mind Crime featuring lead progressive metal singer Geoff Tate (formally of Queensyche) performed at the Rockpile in Mississauga last week. Performing many hits from the Queensryche discography and some newer material off his latest release with the new band Operation Mind Crime called The Key.

Considering the controversy over the firing of Tate from Queensryche in 2012, it didn’t really affect the attendance that night. The club was bustling and the venue was to capacity.

Geoff Tate is ranked 14th on Hit Parader’s list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time, and has won many awards for his vocal talents.

Before the show I had heard a lot of negative comments regarding Tate’s current vocal abilities. But was pleasantly surprised, his singing was pretty much on target. Still hitting the high notes with ease. Geoff still exemplifies a great range in his tones and notes.  

Although the set was a long one (20 songs long) Tate did a lot of storytelling between tunes. He told a story about shopping and having to buy feminine protection for his wife, standing in the aisle overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices when a fan approached him. I laughed at the candid nature he had. 

Having seen Queenryche back in their hey – day as a teenager, I felt that this band performed the songs true to their nature, replicating the original content. It left me feeling like I had just seen Queensryche. 

A good performance and I’m happy to have seen Geoff Tate with Operation MindCrime. 

Set List:

  1. Neue Regel
  2. Screaming in Digital
  3. I am I
  4. One More Time Around
  5. I Don’t Believe in Love
  6. SpOOL
  7. At 30,000 Ft
  8. Jet City Woman
  9. Take Hold of the Flame
  10. Silent Lucidity
  11. The Weight of the World
  12. Re – Inventing the Future
  13. The Stranger
  14. Burn
  15. The Fall
  16. Damaged
  17. Walk in the Shadows
  18. Eyes of a Stranger
  19. Breaking the Silence
  20. Empire
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