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Justin Bieber brings the Purpose World Tour to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre with Post Malone and Moxie Raia

You can quote him, disagree with him, glorify or vilify him. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore him. Yeah, I paraphrased this from the Apple commercial, yet it’s true. Justin Bieber, the Stratford, Ontarian, embarks on his Purpose World Tour with two sold-out nights in Toronto. 

Working the atmosphere of the crowd, was New York hip-hop artist Post Malone and New Jersey pop-star Moxie Raia. Both put on fitting performances and later walked through the aisles to greet fans. 

Before we get the show, let’s set the stage a bit. Purpose is Justin’s most critically acclaimed album to date, converting many former naysayers into Beliebers, myself included. Earlier in the day, a pop-up shop took place downtown where hundreds on fans lineup to check out the exclusive swag, $60 t-shirts here, $100 sweaters there, you get the drift. Many hoping the Biebs himself would show up. The apparel was pretty hip, “MY MOMMA DON’T LIKE YOU” isn’t something I’d wear on a daily basis, but for those very special occasions…maybe. And let’s not forget how we got to check out his surprise stripped down acoustic performance at the Danforth late last year. 

Well, Justin Beiber turned the knob up to 11, and the Air Canada Centre got the full dose of him back to back. On the first night, rising and descending from the ceiling in a glass box, Bieber wore a Maple Leafs jersey (hopefully we don’t come dead last again next year),  and marked his words from within as tens of thousands of die-hard fans watched up in awe. 

After the dramatic introduction, the real top-notch production value kicked in. Bouncing off a trampoline with extensive pyro blasting off in the background, Bieber bust a move and sang around the catwalk with a fleet of dancers to his Jack U hit “Where R U Now?”. He looked incredibly focused on his routine and didn’t miss a beat. Running up and down the platform he interacted with the ultra fans jumping in the pit. 

Proceeding to the very end of the runway, the stage elevated high above the crowd. Without any kind of harness or support railing, Bieber still pulled off some leg work in front of even more fireworks. What a guy. 

I quickly learned two things that night. First, ripped denim is still very much in style. And laser beams indeed throw off the focusing system on your camera. Regardless, it was fun as heck to be right in the midst of the soundboard area emerged in a sea of screaming fans. 

Make sure you go check out Justin Bieber on his ongoing world wide Purpose Tour. It’s worth every penny if you’re a fan, and it just might change your mind about him if you don’t already. 

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