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CBC Music Fest 2016 Feat. Hey Rosetta!, The New Pornographers, Alvvays, & More

Photos by Neil Van

CBC Music Fest kicked off the Summer Festival season in Toronto on the scorching day of May 28th for its third annual show. Doors opened around 1:30pm, and the show went until about 10pm.

It was a beautiful day for a Festival as the sun was shining, there was plenty of food, great vibes, alcohol, and music of course! Not only was there good vibes however, this festival was a very family orientated event, which is awesome for everyone. It’s great that parents that love music can bring along their kids for the day to an appropriate, and fun festival. Not only was there plenty of food and music, but also plenty of things to do. There was the option of paddle boating, an art tent, a little bit of shopping, and even a kids stage. Main acts included Tokyo Police Club, Alvvays, Whitehorse, The New Pornographers, and Hey Rosetta! So, this was more of an Indie/Rock type of festival.

Tokyo Police Club brought some fun and chill vibes to the day. For the first couple songs and when they entered the stage, I didn’t get the vibe that they were really stoked to be playing and people weren’t really that into the set however once it went on, they most definitely redeemed themselves. Not only did they get more into it as the set went on but, they had a great performance. Vocals sounded just as they do on their tracks, and instrumentals were awesome. My favourite part of the set overall would have to be the synthesizing and keyboard. They place these solo’s and overlapping so strategically, and it is extremely appealing to the ear, especially during Tesselate. The best performance was Wait Up as the crowd was most excited for, and everyone was just feeling it. This performance also included an awesome break down of instrumentals toward the end.

“Gonna say hi to our moms that are probably listening” said Molly Rankin, the singer of Alvvays as the band brought some nice vibes to the sunny day. They had a pretty good set; they didn’t exactly “wow” me however, they were stoked to be there and had some nice instrumentals and vocals. They played songs such as New Haircut, Party Police, Dreams, and many more.

The Franklin Electric was my favourite set of the day, they played on the second stage. The crowd wasn’t exactly large however, I think the Montreal based band deserved a crowd as large as bands on the Main Stage received. They had some beautiful incorporations of brass, portrayed emotion and passion very well, as well as some strong harmonization’s. I had never heard of or seen this band before, and they really caught my ear.

The beautiful Megan Bonnel had such an intimate and soothing set on the Tent Stage, which was a smaller stage with a limited amount of seats giving those in attendance the option to see their favourite artists more up close and personal. She was incredibly down to earth, and the set had amazing acoustics.

The New Pornographers put on an okay set. I’m not really a fan of their music, but I respect people that are- it’s just not quite for my ear. They had some really nice harmonization’s, and I think that may just be there biggest strength. They also had really great energy (the best I had seen all day), and were crowd pleasers.

Indie Rock band Hey Rosetta! Closed the show, taking stage at 9pm. They played a good variety of songs including Belle of Batoche, Gold Teeth, and even Ahead by a Century, a Tragically Hip cover. Their energy was slightly off, in the sense that it was down. For that reason, I feel that maybe they should have chosen another band to close the show however, they had an amazing sound.

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