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38: Manchester by the Lion

On this last episode of this year’s breakdown of the Best Picture nominated films Dakota Arsenault talks about Manchester By the Sea and Lion. On last week’s episode of Contra Zoom he discussed Hell or High Water, Fences and Moonlight. 

These are the nominations for Manchester By the Sea

  • Best Picture 
  • Best Actor- Casey Affleck
  • Best Supporting Actor- Lucas Hedges
  • Best Supporting Actress- Michelle Williams
  • Best Director- Kenneth Lonergan
  • Best Original Screenplay- Kenneth Lonergan

These are the nominations for Lion

  • Best Picture 
  • Best Supporting Actor- Dev Patel
  • Best Supporting Actress- Nicole Kidman
  • Best Adapted Screenplay- Luke Davies
  • Best Cinematography- Greig Fraser
  • Best Original Score- Dustin O’Halloran and Volker Bertelmann

Make sure you check out this week’s Oscar Primer where Dakota goes over Jackie, Loving, Doctor Strange and Zootopia. These Primers will be posted once a week on Tuesdays. 

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Music Editor at Live in Limbo and Host of Contra Zoom podcast. Dakota is a graduate of Humber College's Acting for Film and Television. He now specializes in knowing all random trivia. He writes about music, sports and film. Dakota's life goal is visit all baseball stadiums, he's at 7.