World Premiere

Song Premiere: “Summer Wheels” by Tareya

With “Summer Wheels,” Tareya establishes her own sound and identity that blurs the lines between country, pop and R&B. The single is also the first taste of Tareya’s full-length debut solo album currently in the works that will feature a collection of original songs inspired by the confounding rewards that come from a passion-driven life.

You can stream “Summer Wheels” on Apple Music and Spotify.

From the artist: “While cruising down the coast in Florida this January, I fell in love with the ocean. I was full of inspiration to write a beach vibe song so I took a detour through Nashville on my way home to Toronto to do some writing,” says Tareya. “Patricia Conroy texted me an idea for a song and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I got together with Patrica and Danick Dupelle (Emerson Drive) and the vibe in the writing session was very laid back. ‘Summer Wheels’ is a quirky, fun cruising song and I knew Jeff Dalziel was the perfect producer for the track. He loved the demo; as soon a I sent it to him he started working it up. Everything about this song came effortlessly, even the photo shoot with Phil Crozier and finding the perfect iconic car for the single art — a baby blue 50’s Chevy Convertible. It became obvious very quickly that this song was going to be the lead summer single”.

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