38: Ismail Ali

In the 38th episode of NEOHUMAN, Agah is chatting with Ismail Ali, the Policy Fellow at Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Ismail has earned his J.D. At the University of California, Berkley school of Law in 2016, after receiving his Bachelor’s in Philosophy from California State University, Fresno, in 2012, and has worked for the ACLU of Northern California’s Criminal Justice, and Drug Policy Project. Ismail believes that psychedelic consciousness is a crucial piece of challenging oppression in all of its forms, and that legal access to psychedelics is an essential part of a progressive drug policy paradigm. He hopes to help develop and advocate for just, equitable, and creative alternatives to the failed war on drugs. They talk about wide range of subjects, including psychedelics, internet and connectivity, politics, the war on drugs, the importance of social reform, drugs as medicine, mushrooms as the safest recreational drug, philosophy, religion, and MAPS’ most recent psychedelics conference.


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