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Gorillaz with Vince Staples at the Air Canada Centre

Photos by Randall Vasquez.

The legendary Gorillaz made their return to Toronto for the first time in TEN YEARS – seriously 10 years. Let me tell you, was it ever epic. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I grew up listening to the Gorillaz so this was exciting for me either way but before the show I had looked up some videos of their performances and some were amazing while others were just okay- I just wasn’t seeing a consistent pattern of great shows so , I was pleasantly surprised with the show they put on- it made up for their lack of presence in the scene.

I can’t really say that show ever had any dry area’s or “filler” songs- I was honestly entertained the entire time. They had an amazing setlist bringing the new and the old  back to the audience reminding them just of how abstract of a band they are. Some of the songs included “Ascenscion” featuring Vince Staples who also opened the show, “Last Living Sould”, “Charger”, “sleeping Powder”, “19/2000” with Kilo Kish, “Kids With Guns”, “Demon Days”, and so much more. In total they played 22 songs featuring additional appearances from Vince Staples, Peven Everett, Little Simz, and Jamie Principle.

 I was a little bit disappointed that they did not play “Feel Good Inc.” or “Melancholy Hill” (global favourites) however, I think I can understand why. I see it as a statement from them of trying to move past these songs. Although everyone loves them, they are trying to remind the world that they are more than that and they want people to put a focus on their new material, as well as their older songs that are just as good at those but maybe did not get enough attention. That being said, this was an amazing show with creative visuals to go along with each song, which were a large part of the show. 

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