World Premiere

Song Premiere : “Jesus” by Sheila Carlito

Sheila Carlito is a New York based singer-songwriter, signed with RocNation Publishing and member of duo A+A. Carlito, and A+A partner Anwar Sawyer, started out writing for other artists and acts, later deciding to make music for themselves, and released and album called “LivingRooms” in 2016. While still writing with Sawyer, and still leading vocal to A+A, Carlito decided to branch out farther, and further un-filter himself, releasing his own music under the name Sheila Carlito, collaborating with other producers and artists to discover new sounds, styles and expose raw emotions and stories he has yet had the opportunity to to tell.

New single “Jesus”, produced by John Hunter, sets a story about someone who can be too much to handle at times, continuously screwing up and disappointing their partner, and not understanding how their partner can still be present. A lot of times, we find ourselves in situations that make no sense to us because we feel we don’t deserve them. We ask for love and often pray to be so loved, and Jesus’ response is the person right in front of us. The song is about someone seeing proof and the love of Jesus through someone’s unconditional love for them.

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